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Kidding Has Commenced!

Daisy was due to kid next Friday, but on Sunday I found her looking like she was in the first stages of labor. Into the kidding stall she went.

For goats, it's a challenge to tell about early labor since they don't announce, "I'm having contractions!" It's up to the goatkeeper to figure it out. Clues include suddenly full udder, discharge (especially blood-tinged), separating herself from the others, unwillingness to leave the barn, standing in one place, shifting weight, and looking like she's concentrating. Her tail rises with each contraction. Daisy showed all these signs. A couple of hours later...

A buckling first. Delivery was classic textbook.

Second was a little doeling (right), also a textbook delivery.

Third was another buckling (right). His head and one
leg were tucked behind, so he needed a little help.

The last one popped out easily; another buckling (center).

That makes Daisy's total to be three boys and one girl. Not my preferred outcome, but I'm glad they're all healthy. Daisy is an excellent mother and a heavy producer, so I have no doubt she'll be able to feed them all.

The next day...

Everybody's doing fine

and knows how to find milk. 

I was very glad she kidded during the day. Makes it warmer and easier.

Next due date is March 1st.

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