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The Demise of a Cookbook

This has been my favorite cookbook for as long as I can remember.

Well, maybe not my best favorite, but it certainly has been my most reached-for cookbook over the years.

It's the 1969 edition of Betty Crocker's Cookbook and was a Christmas gift from my grandmother in 1976. According to the copyright, that was the year they reprinted the '69 edition.

I've lived in eight different states over the years, and this cookbook has accompanied me with each move. Obviously, it's seen better days. The index fell out years ago. I actually lost those pages for a long time and finally found them stuck in another cookbook.

No index hasn't caused me to retire it, however, although I don't know why I still grab this one first. It's not like I've memorized page numbers. Maybe because of its sentimental value, maybe out of habit. It's odd because I don't cook this way anymore. But its recipes have become my base recipes, and I know the modifications and substitutions to make. I look at the recipe and automatically make the changes.

Several years ago, I looked for a replacement for it online. All I could find were "vintage" copies with vintage prices. There was no way I was going to spend $75+ for a replacement, so for a long time that was that.

The other day I made a stop at Goodwill to check their $1 clearance racks. I buy all of Dan's and my clothes there and have found some fantastic bargains. I found a denim skirt that fit nicely and headed to check-out to pay for it. I happened to glance at a display near the cash register and saw this...


It was a gift I didn't feel I deserved, but one for which my heart sang thanks. Funny how such a small thing can mean so much.

I'll go through the old one to transfer any notes...

... and then the new one can take its place on my cookbook shelf.

Who else has found happy bargains lately?

The Demise of a Cookbook © December 2019


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