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A Home for the Solar Battery Bank

After we got the batteries, we needed a home for them. Dan planned to build a box, until he took a closer look at an old box that we already had.

This was left in one of our outbuildings when we bought the place. We've used it to hold kindling over the years, but when Dan measured it, he discovered that it would work for a battery box. It's just large enough to house our six batteries, the charge controller, and the circuit breakers. All it needed was reinforcing, a base, and some paint.

The base is repurposed too. It was originally the form Dan made for pouring the concrete pad for the outdoor laundry tubs.

We had already chosen the location.

Photo from "Burying the Solar Cable." See
that post for why this is a good location.

The cable was buried in a conduit under the driveway. To run them into the box, Dan used vertical PVC pipe and two elbows the same way he did at the solar panel end.

The last step was to build a cover. This was made from scraps of lumber, plywood, metal roofing leftover from the carport project.

It still needs some paint and vents, but other than that it's ready.