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Finishing That Corner of the House

One year ago, we finished re-siding the back gable end of the house.

At the time, I assumed Dan would also finish off that last back corner. The one in the above photo with the old white vinyl siding. Alas, Dan quickly shifted mental gears from the house to the carport. So that corner has remained an eye magnet for the past year.

Last month, he finally got to it when it became one of the side projects of installing our solar system.

The wiring from the batteries must go through that wall to the inverter (which will convert the batteries' DC electricity into AC electricity for the freezer). The freezer will plug into the inverter on the back porch.

We had a string of really nice days right before Christmas, so Dan got started on this project. The first step was to remove the old vinyl siding.

Thankfully, no surprises there. The original shiplap siding looked the same as it has on the rest of the house beneath the vinyl siding.

The wood siding came down next. No surprises there either. D…

Random Photos from 2019

I'm closing out the calendar year with photos that never made it to a blog post. Some of them were published elsewhere, croppings of a few made it to my blog header, but others not at all.









It's All About a Birthday

When my children were little, I pondered how to teach them that Christmas isn't just a children's fun holiday for receiving candy, toys, and gifts. Sure, there are books, DVDs, and Sunday school lessons emphasizing the reason for the season, but I wanted something that would be tangible to a small child. A real life experience.

My kids have birthdays close to the holidays. My daughter's birthday always falls on or a few days before Thanksgiving, while my son's is five days after Christmas. To explain Christmas, I told them that a birthday is a celebration of a person. On their birthdays we celebrate them. They receive gifts as we give thanks for their birth. Christmas is a birthday too, so on Christmas we celebrate Jesus. It's a celebration of His birth. Instead of asking "what do you want to get for Christmas," the question was, "what are you going to give for Christmas?"

At the beginning of Advent I would ask, "what are we going to give Jes…

The Demise of a Cookbook

This has been my favorite cookbook for as long as I can remember.

Well, maybe not my best favorite, but it certainly has been my most reached-for cookbook over the years.

It's the 1969 edition of Betty Crocker's Cookbook and was a Christmas gift from my grandmother in 1976. According to the copyright, that was the year they reprinted the '69 edition.

I've lived in eight different states over the years, and this cookbook has accompanied me with each move. Obviously, it's seen better days. The index fell out years ago. I actually lost those pages for a long time and finally found them stuck in another cookbook.

No index hasn't caused me to retire it, however, although I don't know why I still grab this one first. It's not like I've memorized page numbers. Maybe because of its sentimental value, maybe out of habit. It's odd because I don't cook this way anymore. But its recipes have become my base recipes, and I know the modifications and substitut…