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Winter Project List

In the past we've always done an annual goal list. I post it on January 1st and wrap up the year with a review post on how well we met those goals. This year, we seem to have fallen into a different pattern. Maybe it's because Dan is retired now, or maybe it reflects a shift in the kinds of project we do. Mostly, I think it's because our lives are more in sync with the seasons; everything seems to revolve around that. Everything we do fits into the pattern of the agrarian cycle I've blogged about.
  • Spring: March, April, May - season of planting
  • Summer: June, July, August - season of growing
  • Autumn: September, October, November - season to harvest
  • Winter: December, January, February - season of the hearth

This year we've started doing quarterly project lists instead of an annual one. The other day, we got out our notebook and made a winter project list. Here's what's on it.

  • build battery box
  • install batteries
  • connect batteries
  • move freezer
  • new chest freezer → convert to chest fridge
  • dig two more swale beds
  • cover and mulch main aisles
  • do something with that weedy corner!!!
  • fix the back gutter → rain tank?
  • cut old pecan tree in the goat corral
  • cut down dead dogwood in front yard
  • limb out trees shading pasture
  • cut and remove fallen pines
  • chipping
  • better (stronger) subdivision of buck pastures
  • start repair in browse areas
  • front porch trim
  • finally replace windows in front bedroom
Root cellar?
  • where?
  • dig out old swimming pool & evaluate
  • form a plan
  • where?
  • monitor winter sun in potential locations
  • dig out crepe myrtles 
  • cut back bushes

We prioritize and choose projects according to the weather. But winter can go either way for us; it can be either mild or miserable. There's no way to predict that, so except for finishing the solar pantry project, everything else on the list is flexible. Still, it's nice to have a written list of things to do in case the weather is cooperative. Dan, especially, is not one to sit around, so I suspect quite a bit of this will get checked off no matter what the weather does. 😀

Winter Project List © December 2019