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August Project: Chicken Yard

We're still whittling away at our summer to-do list.  We've crossed a lot off that list, and it feels good to be productive and make progress. This month I'll be busy with picking and preserving, while Dan has set his sights on the poultry yard. The chickens have been confined there since last year when we started our pasture improvement project. Previously, our chickens free-ranged but because chickens are rough on seeds, mulch, and seedlings they need to stay off the pasture. It's a large yard, though, but as with all things it eventually needs care.

The chicken yard originally expanded to Dan's workshop (on the far
right).We moved the fence to add a lane and gate for the tractor.

Duck pool and grazing bed with compost bins in the background.
The water in the pool looks odd because Dan painted the bottom.

Composting with chickens has worked out really well. 

Another grazing bed. Dan laments the bare ground, but that's what
chickens do. They scratch and hunt for grubs and worms. They do 
like fresh greens, though, and the grazing beds meets that need.

Close-up of the plaque above the chicken door.

We have 6 hens, a rooster, and 2 Muscovy ducks. The
yard is large enough to give them plenty of room to roam.

The yard expands behind the chicken house. The t-posts mark
where the old chicken yard fence used to be, before we expanded it.

Dan's chicken yard project list looks like this:
  • move compost bins
  • make more grazing beds
  • build a duck house

Progress with more pictures soon!