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Update On My Homemade Garden Bug Spray

I just had to show you this. Here's what happened to my collard plants in less than two weeks after applying my Homemade Garden Bug Spray.

New growth in the midst of the old cabbage moth eaten leaves.

Close-up of new collard growth.

A picture speaks louder than a thousand words!

The collards were fall planted and pretty much neglected once the weather turned warm. The bed is resting this summer, so all I did was add more leaf mulch after pulling the onions. I have barely watered it and just left the collards to die and decompose on their own. They were still hanging in there at the end of July and looking pretty bad due to cabbage moth larvae damage. When I made up a batch of the spray I dosed them good. I sprayed them well for two days and reapplied after it rained a few days later.

The plant in the photo has the most spectacular results, although the others are recovering as well. I rewarded them with a good watering!

In case you missed it, you can find the recipe for the spray here.