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Summer Garden: July 2019

Speaking of summer, here are some shots of my summer garden.

Cucumber plants using the hoop house as a trellis. If you recall, I had to
replant most of the row. It won't be a bumper crop, but it will be enough.

Cucumbers ready to eat.

Sweet potatoes. As you can see, I'm still mulching aisles.

Winter squash. These are North Georgia Candy Roaster

Young growing candy roaster squash.

In the hoop house.

A small bed of Tennessee red peanuts for a seed crop. They aren't
 really neon green! That's how my camera picked them up in full sun.

Peanut flowers. Leaf color is more true in this shot.

My survivor strawberries

Rooting strawberry runners for another bed. 

Upland rice beds with volunteer cushaw.

Rice flowers

The volunteer cushaw has spread into the tomato trellis

I had two gardening fails this summer. One is my corn.

Of four rows planted, I only got five corn plants.

This is the same bed I replanted because of poor germination the first planting. The second planting didn't do well either, so I tried to sprout the seed. I got nothing. All the seed came from the same ear, so at least one ear had very few viable seeds. I planned to use the corn for pole beans, but they never got planted because the corn didn't grow.

The other fail was okra. I had zero germination even with two plantings. Disappointing, because we love our oven fried okra.

But back to successes.

Peppers are coming along. Not sure which variety.

Tomatoes are doing well.

Black turtle beans with flowers and bean pods

Cowpeas are flowering too. 

Plus, I'm still harvesting last fall's sugar beets for
the goats.They eat both roots and greens (chopped).

So, there's my garden so far this year. Anybody else?

Summer Garden © July 2019 by Leigh


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