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An Almost April Surprise for Me

I definitely did not mark my calendar correctly, and I wasn't expecting Anna to kid so soon. But yesterday morning when I went out to the barn for early morning chores, I heard a kid cry. A little kid. At first I thought it must be Ellie's (now three-weeks old), but something made me go take a look. There was Anna with twins on the ground! Early! The problem was that they were chilled and I needed to do something immediately to save them.

Anna's twins.

I got them in a basket and under a heat lamp immediately. If they are hypothermic they can't suck. In the meantime I milked some colostrum from Anna. Once their body temps were up they each got some from a bottle.

Little doe. She's quite vocal for such a mite of a thing.

Little buck.

They are definitely early, but I'm puzzled as to how much. My original due date is still three weeks away, but I know they couldn't survive that early. It's entirely possible that I marked the wrong breeding date on my calendar and so got the wrong due date.

Doing better but I'm still keeping an eye on them.

They were weak but able to suck and I've both bottle fed them and let them nurse from Anna. Since it's getting colder I'm leaving them in the basket under the heat lamp. She's an attentive mother and keeps watch.

I just came in from a check and bottle feeding. Happily they made it through their first 24 hours. They have good appetites, are stronger, and breathing better, so things are looking up for them.

UPDATE: April 2, 5:53 a.m. Sadly, the little doe didn't make it. I found her dead when I went to feed them at 5:30 this morning. She was still alive around 1:30 and as near as I can figure, passed pretty close to around 5. In some ways I wasn't surprised. She was much weaker than her brother. He got up on his feet yesterday but she was still too weak to manage. So it goes.