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Carport Repair: Replacing the Old Siding

Ordinarily carports don't have siding, but the builder of ours added a small storage space at the back. Once Dan had the new metal roof on he was ready to replace that siding.

The old siding was some kind of fiberboard.

Old siding removed.

It wasn't a lot to replace, but of course there were hidden surprises to keep things interesting.

Rotted fly rafter

So that had to be replaced. Dan also added gable end studs for support and for something to nail the new siding to.

New fly rafter and gable end supports.

We decided to use the same barn board siding and color scheme we used on the house.

Ready for primer and paint (a warm weather project).

The other place that needed new siding was the gable end in the front.

It came with a surprise too.

Some sort of ridge beam support.

Here's a closeup.


The two-by-four nailed to this ridge beam support was apparently only for something to nail the siding boards to. Dan replaced it with another two-by-four and a collar beam.

One fly rafter needed to be replaced and he added a couple of gable end supports too.

Lastly the siding.

Primer and paint will be next, once it warms up a bit.