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Triplets for Daisy

It's been miserably cold and pouring rain for the past week. Daisy's due date was quickly approaching and I worried about her kidding during a frigid night, because hypothermia this time of year is a concern. Thankfully she waited until a warm front poured in! Second bonus, she did the job in the afternoon so we didn't miss it. Triplets! They are about 18 hours old in these pictures.

Firstborn was a little doe.

Second was also a doe.

The last baby was a buck.

Sister and brother


Eight kids so far this year - three bucklings and five doelings. Ordinarily that's preferable, but this year I have more requests for boys than girls! One of the little bucks is a keeper, as will be one or two of the little does. I have two more does left to kid, one next month and one in April, so who knows how the numbers will turn out when all is said and done. 😀

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