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Southern Pea Taste Test

Southern peas, field peas, cowpeas; different names for the same thing. For human consumption, however, "southern peas" sounds nicer than either of the other two, don't you think? The most common of these are black-eyed peas, and I'm sure many folks have heard of crowder peas as well.

A number of years ago I started growing Ozark Razorback cowpeas. I really like them because they produce heavily with tall seed stalks growing multiple pods - very easy to pick. I chose them because they are a small pea, so I can feed them to our critters as well as eat them ourselves.

Last year I found a variety called "Southern Brown Sugar." How could I resist that? That's what I grew this past summer. The other night I decided to cook up three-quarters of a cup of each kind and have a taste test.

Ozark Razorback cowpeas on the left, Southern Brown Sugar on the right.

I cooked them the same way and served a spoonful of each with our meal.

Southern peas, fried ham, and cornbread.

You know what? There wasn't much difference in flavor at all! Both are heritage varieties, but all things considered, I'll probably just stick with the Ozark Razorbacks. I think they produce a little better and are easier to pick. Still, it was a fun experiment.

Anyone else grow southern peas?

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