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Carport Repair: Center Beam for Roof Support

While the new piers were curing, Dan got started on the next thing he had in  mind, a center beam for added roof support.

For the most part, the bones of the carport roof were in pretty good shape. The rafter ends on the windward side needed some attention, but the rest of it was still good. The builder, however, spanned too great a distance for Dan's liking. And since we were going to top the building with new metal roofing panels, it seemed a good idea to add another post for extra ceiling support.

For the post, he chose a beautiful cedar log.

We don't have a lot of cedars so we don't like to cut them down. This one, however, was the casualty of one of our recent storms. Dan found it lying on top of this pile of trees which wasn't there before!

Before the post could go up, however, a new ceiling beam was added down the lengthwise center of the carport.

This one was milled from one of our downed pine trees.

They were pegged together with a dowel, which was cut flush with the beam.

The base was next.

Two cap blocks with a rebar rod in the center. Dan drilled a hole in the bottom of the post to fit over it.

Then knee braces.

As you can see, the top of the post covers the beam joint and peg.

The old-fashioned name for the pegs is "trunnels," which comes from a slurring of "treenails."

How's that for rustic?

We've been discussing multiple uses for this space and this new post is helping me visualize it.

I can see a small table and two chairs in the front, and a small outdoor cooking area along the outside wall on the right: grill, smoker, and ??? Oven? The possibilities are slowly coming together.

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