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Weather Permitting

Gosh, but we've had a lot of rain: 6.3 inches in October, 8 inches in November, 11.3 inches in December, and 2.6 inches so far this month. And that doesn't include our 3 inches of snow! With everything so wet and muddy, most of my outdoor plans have had little progress. I planned to transplant my comfrey, horesradish plants, and rugosa roses, also rescue my asparagus. Another thing I planned to do was to dig more hugelkultur swale beds in the garden. Only one has been dug and partially filled so far, but the rain keeps it flooded.

Hugelkulture swale bed in halted progress

At least it's holding water like a swale should! We've had so much rain that the ground is soft and squishy everywhere.

Even walking to the barn from the house is a chore unless you're a duck.

Dan stopped hauling up lumber for the carport for a while, because the tractor was starting to make ruts in the pasture.

If they get too deep they'll be set like concrete when they dry! In the woods, the ground is so soft that pine trees are uprooting

Root end of a tall pine.

and knocking down more of our fences!

Top end and another smashed fence.

So all this rain is not only holding up work but creating more work. On the other hand, I've had plenty of time to defrost several gallons of frozen figs and make jam. Also, study seed catalogs and start making my selections.

Goals and plans - we can make them but the weather controls their progress! Happily, we've been in a warmer sunny pattern for about a week. That's helped although more rain and snow are predicted for the weekend.

How Meowy spends her rainy days.

So how has your weather been treating you? Is it cooperating with your plans or causing you to take some detours?

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