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Then Jessie

First Violet delivered twins, then two days later it was Jessie's turn. Triplets! A little buckling came first, followed by two little girls. They arrived in between dinner and dessert.

This is what I mean about getting good photos. Most of the time they're
facing away from me. The little boy is the one at the bottom of the photo.

Buckling several hours old.

Here he is the next morning.

Jessie and her boy

Sisters. The little black was second-born and the white was last.

Last of the triplets, also a doe, was the biggest of the three.

The sweaters are all too long for newborns, so I ended up shortening them.

Sporting shorter sweaters.

Of course, there were onlookers.

Violet and her twins

I'm relieved that's over. Now I can take a break from middle-of-the-night doe checks and catch up on my sleep.

 Then Jessie © January 2019 by Leigh