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Looking for an Interesting Read This Winter?

I've got just the book - Up the Lake: Coastal British Columbia Stories by Wayne J. Lutz. It's nonfiction with something for everybody.

Wayne and Margy Lutz live in Los Angeles but are adventurers at heart. They spend their summers in their Piper Arrow exploring the Canadian Pacific coastal. When they discover the small town of Powell River in British Columbia, they fall in love with the area. That is the beginning of a new life adventure and a new lifestyle.

Home base for this new lifestyle is an off-grid float cabin on Powell Lake. I found the idea and uniqueness of living on a lake to be highly interesting. Float garden, anyone? The adventures include small aircraft, boats, kayaks, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles for exploring rivers, lakes, mountains, islands, old logging roads, and the rugged BC coast. They are filled with interesting people and local culture, wild weather, wildlife, and, of course, a well-loved dog. The book is written with a well-crafted blend of humor, suspense, and adventure, all of which make for entertaining reading.

Up The Lake is very well written, has excellent photos, and plenty of maps so that the reader can follow along. In reading it I have gotten a real feel for the flavor of this unique lifestyle in this unique place. I love the author's honesty about his level of knowledge, experience, and limitations. I feel like I'm reading about a real person, a person I can relate to. I have a sense of satisfaction as he tackles challenges head-on and overcomes the learning curves.

Up The Lakes is the first in a thirteen-volume series entitled Coastal British Columbia Stories. I enjoyed this one so much that I'm looking forward to reading more. It's available at Amazon in either Kindle or paperback format. Just click here to go to its Amazon page to "Look Inside" and read customer reviews. Best of all, the Kindle version is currently available for free!

So if you're looking for something interesting to read, look no further, this is the book.


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