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Carport Repair Begun

One good thing about deciding to repair the carport rather than tear it down and rebuild is that Dan can work somewhat undercover when it rains. First on the repair list was replacing the rotted girder.

Old girder

The original builder made his girders by putting together two 2x8s to make 4x8 girders. One of the reasons Dan decided to repair the carport instead of tear it down, was because only one of the outer boards was badly rotted. The other girder boards were in pretty good shape. Even though he milled most of the lumber, Dan decided to buy the replacement board to avoid inconsistent shrinkage.

Repaired girder

Next was to replace the posts. He wanted to start at the back of the building which meant tearing out the front wall of the storage area.

Installing the first new post...

The ceiling is jacked up a bit to get the post in place.

A bit of adhesive will help keep it from sliding around.

Then it's checked with a level as it's fitted into place.

Next, the post on the other side and then a new beam.

First posts and a new beam in place.

Then the rest of the new posts.

Middle post

The original posts were 4x4s; Dan's are 6x6s. He used the old posts to make some of the knee braces.

The front beam turned out to still be pretty solid so Dan didn't replace it. But he did add proper bracing.

Then the center posts.

The building is much sturdier on its feet!

The roof is next.

Carport Repair Begun © January 2019


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