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Thankful For ...

Our year didn't have an encouraging start. Those of you who have stuck with me all year will know that I'm talking about Dan's accident. That limitation resulted in a decreased income that left us facing hard lifestyle choices. Then his truck died, with the only option of becoming a one vehicle family.

We can't control our circumstances, but we can choose how we feel about them. Those initial emotional reactions don't have to take up permanent residence in our hearts unless we allow them to. On this traditional American day of thankfulness, I choose to look back on 2018 and reflect on things to be thankful for.


Project Goat Barn; something we once thought would never
happen! In January Dan completed the roof and cupola.

Cozy wood fires and comfy cats

Favorite treats


Nine healthy baby goats

Cooperative weather.

Winter garden (cabbage collard)

And an outpouring of prayers, support, and encouragement after Dan's accident.


Miracle, our survivor preemie

An opportunity to trade for a first generation Kinder buck (Hudson).

Progress on a real hay loft. (Knowing I soon wouldn't have to
wade through a mob of grabby goats with an armload of hay!)


Hay feeder under a future hay chute

Spring garden - old standbys like multiplier onions,

and new-for-me crops like sugar beets.


Spring flowers (Lavender)


$10 bargain windows for the barn!


Plentiful sweet potato slips (Vardamans) 

My first "professionally" published book!

Solar shed light for the hayloft


Tomatoes are just starting to ripen and okra is going gang-busters.
Summer garden

July is blueberry time with pie to prove it.
Plenty to eat. (Homegrown blueberries in homemade pie)

First load of canned pears.
Plenty to preserve (canned pears)


Grating homemade goats milk mozzarella.
Goats milk and homestead cheese

Slices of fresh cucumber on the food dehydrator tray.
Bountiful harvest (getting cucumbers ready to dehydrate)

Learning about carbon for soil fertility & forage diversity.


Rainwater collection system for the barn

Autumn harvest (cushaws)

I prefer the old-fashioned kind of thermometer, rather than a digital.
Learning about gardening by soil temperature.


Finishing the barn!


Hopefully pregnant does.

A case of frozen summer mixed leftovers for "instant" soup.

Roof leak fixed and a little more progress on the house.

And so much more. Are you taking time to count your blessings?

Thankful For ... © November 2018 by


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