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Soup Season

Monday morning we got our first frost. The day was crisp and sunny, but it's been cold and rainy ever since. Time for soup!

I think most of us have a recipe or two for leftovers soup. I call mine "Scrap Soup."

Leftovers: mashed potato & cheese soup, pinto beans, oven-
roasted potatoes, and oven-fried sweet potatoes. Added:
chopped fresh daikon greens and a pint jar of bone broth.

Left to simmer all morning on the woodstove, the flavors meld wonderfully. It's deliciously warming and comforting.

Dan says I've made a soup lover out of him. :)

Usually there's enough leftover to become the starter for the next day's soup.

To leftovers of the soup shown above I added last night's lasagna
and another pint of bone broth for a more soup-like consistency.

I can soups too, often from small amounts of various garden produce when there isn't enough for a full canner load of any particular veggie.

Photo from my "Just Add Noodles" Chicken Soup blog post.

Home-canned soups are a wonderful convenience food, but this year I tried something different. We ate daily from the garden, but usually there were leftovers. The next day it seemed silly to heat up those leftovers when we had so many fresh vegetables to eat. So I got out one of the peanut butter jars I'd saved and started putting the leftovers in it. That jar went into the freezer.

Almost every day I'd add bits of leftover vegetables, meat, rice, pasta, cheese, beans, gravy, broth, etc. By summer's end I had a dozen jars full of frozen odds and ends for soup fixings. Perfect additions to keep that soup pot going.

Soup anyone?

Soup Season © November 2018 by Leigh