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Downright Winterish

Thanksgiving was a beautiful day. The westerly breeze was cool but it was warm in the sun. Perfect for the grandkids to play outside while the less interesting parts of the day (washing dishes) were executed. The next day it was a completely different story: cloudy, cold, wind from the north, and downright winterish. It was like somebody flipped a switch.

Heavy rain was predicted so I spent part of the afternoon walking in the woods and collecting kindling.

Our fall color has been late this year.

Usually, the leaves start to turn around the third week of October, but this year they waited until Thanksgiving weekend. Even now, the color is more subdued than spectacular.

Actually, it's unusual that the trees should be retaining so many leaves in late November.

Most years our trees are bare by now.

On Saturday the heavy rains came as predicted, showering leaves as well as raindrops. Now, the 10-day weather forecast indicates gradually sinking temperatures. Seems like winter is about to arrive.

Are you ready?

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