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House Project Phase 1: Back Gable End

Dan lost no time getting started on his new house project. His first step was to put up new siding on the back gable end of the house.

First the old vinyl siding was taken off

Our siding comes in 4-foot by 8-foot sheets with a barn board texture. Trying to get them up the ladder and hold them in place for nailing was not exactly an easy proposition!

The nice thing about the barn board pattern is that the sheets can be cut lengthwise and put back together with a little filler to cover the seam. You can't even tell it's been cut once it's up there.

You can see our solar attic fan in the photo above. The panel is in the upper right. That fan has really helped keep our home cooler in the hot weather.

Dan would really like to re-do that little back door overhang and extend it out a little farther. I'm glad he decided to just finish the project at hand. It is so easy to get off on tangent projects that are relevant but can also wait until another time

There are still a few things to do to finish this off: squirt some goop under the flashing in the above photo, prime and paint the siding, buy or make a vent cover for the fan, and figure out what to with this...

I think he wants to get the new roof on first though. That will be next.